Why Should Companies Switch to Cloud Computing?

As technologies and the Internet continue to change our world, businesses and business models continue to be reshaped and made easier by the latest technologies such as cloud computing. While the Internet ‘Cloud’ has been around since the 1960s, the term cloud computing was for the first time used by an executive in a Google conference back in 2006.

So, What is Cloud Computing?

To put it simply for everyone out there, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services; servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence over the Internet ‘the cloud’ for faster innovation and flexible resources.

Cloud users benefit from economies of scale and pay only for cloud services they use. Thus, they reduce operational costs, efficiently run their infrastructure, and customize to meet their changing business needs.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Traditionally, companies should invest in hardware to benefit from computing services. Both application and implementation of these are costly and timely. Further, software integration is another burden faced by many companies. With the cloud, companies can still benefit from computing services while ditching their hardware investment for a cost-effective time-wise cloud subscription-based model.

By using cloud–external servers and software licenses, companies outsource their computing services. By doing so, not only do they benefit from the expertise and added values of another company but also reduce their ownership and resources costs such as HR and stock.

This new business model allows companies to issue reports easily and access real-time data via the internet using any device, wherever whenever with no specific IP. For example, rental companies using a third-party rental solution to run their rental processes get rid of unnecessary management stress and focus their resources instead on their core value proposition rental.

The only SAP-certified rental solution in the market is FIT-Rent. We are dedicated to the latest technologies to provide our customers with the best practices and key enhancements. Our cloud solution, fully integrated with SAP S/4HANA, with small investment, shorter implementation time, location, and equipment based dynamic budgeting allow rental companies to rent cloud storage and servers to eliminate unnecessary costs and tasks, forget about maintenance and storage worries, and increase their target customer number by only focusing on their core value and all necessary training, support and cybersecurity is provided.

Do You Think the Cloud is Risky?

Did you flinch when you read cybersecurity? You are not alone. Many companies are afraid of using the cloud at the risk of losing their data and being hacked. Well, here is the bitter-sweet truth, using the cloud does not come with higher hacking risks than the risk present in the use of the internet or usual servers.

Any output brings the hacking risk potential. What do we do about it? We are dedicated to protecting our customers’ data by forecasting any possible risks using the latest cloud security measures and control data centers.

If you have been wary of switching to the cloud, put your fears to rest as the change is inevitable. And let’s be honest, the cloud industry can’t stop growing, and it is getting more and more effective with every new enhancement. Companies that rise to the top will be agile companies that adapt to changing technologies.

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