CAT Dealer Business Solution

Streamlining all Caterpillar Inc. requirements in SAP ECC and S/4HANA

Enabling CAT Dealers to maximize value & efficiency

To efficiently grow the business, CAT dealers need an integrated business solution that fully complies with their operational needs and business scope.

Together with CAT Inc., FIT CAT Dealer Business Solution (FIT-CDBS) was exclusively tailored to support all business areas. From Prime, Parts and Service, to Rent and Lease. With 75+ preconfigured CAT interfaces, FIT Global supports Caterpillar’s long-term business priorities and organizational processes end-to-end.

Industry Credentials: Worldwide CAT Dealers

FIT-CDBS is a proven solution with ongoing innovation, serving multiple CAT Dealers across the world. FIT Global leverages this experience in our solutions and implementations.

We have worked with FIT Global since 2014. They are very familiar with our sector. Their experienced and dedicated team designed, developed and maintain the interfaces between our business processes and CAT HQ well. It was nice to have their expertise that felt really comforting.

Mohammed Daoudi,


We couldn’t be more pleased with the results we’ve got from the FIT Global’s solutions and services. Due to the broad experience of their consultants working with them was a completely new and positive experience.                                                                                    

Alberto Garcia Orams,


Preconfigured CAT Dealer Management System in SAP S/4HANA

FIT-CDBS is a scalable end-to-end solution, fully embedded in SAP S/4HANA. Based upon industry best practices and the latest technologies, it’s the foundation for the CAT Dealer Digital Core.  

This comprehensive CAT dealer business system offers:

Scope of Modular CAT Dealer Business System

With FIT-CDBS, dealers can select the modules they need. Components like rental, leasing or service can be added to the overall scope. Since all processes are fully aligned with CAT standards, out-of-the-box integrations accelerate implementations and fulfill all CAT dealers’ needs.




*FIT-Rent and FIT-Lease are SAP certified solutions for equipment rental and leasing businesses. They can be fully integrated with FIT-CDBS to serve CAT Dealers’ requirements.

Key Differentiators for CAT Dealers

Proven Solution

FIT-CDBS is already in use in multiple CAT Dealers and the solution incorporates experience and expertise from those implementations.

All-in-One Solution

FIT-CDBS is a full-stack, preconfigured solution that is embedded in SAP ECC and S/4HANA and can be seamlessly integrated into your internal processes.

Ongoing Innovation

SAP and FIT Global continuously invest in value-adding, innovative features used by SAP customers running fully fledged ERP solutions that also benefit CAT dealers.

Strategic Alignment

SAP and FIT Global' strategic partnership with CAT dealers leverages complementary strengths to help all dealers transform their business and technology.

Dedicated Focus

FIT Global is a dedicated SAP solution partner since 1999, delivering customer and industry-focused business solutions for CAT dealers based on SAP.

Worldwide Presence

FIT Global is committed to deliver and support CAT Dealer Business Solutions world-wide to deliver continuous value to dealers.

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FIT-CDBS covers CAT Dealer business needs ‘out of the box’

Small ERP + 3rd Party Solutions
All-in-One Solution

Addressing CAT Dealer specific requirements

Core Business Processes
Partial Solution

Multiple dealer requirements are not supported

Full Business Processes Integration

Without any limitation

ERP Integrity
Lack of Business Integration

Dependency on 3rd party applications

Mature S/4HANA Foundation

Support functional, technical extensions in future

Business Expansion
Capability Borders

Limit extending & implementing new functionalities

Validated & Compliant CAT Integrations

Out of the box, continuous updates

Dealer Integrations
Limited / Non-integrated Dealer Systems

Restricting dealer business operations

Long-term Strategical Partnership

With both SAP, FIT-Global and CAT

Strategic Partnership
No Joint Partnership

Key players have ‘own agenda’ to serve dealers

FIT-CDBS Roadmap

With CAT Dealer & SAP influence

Solution Roadmap
No Dealer Specific Roadmap

Dealers are no strategic focusing for vendors

SAP Fiori User Interface

Browser driven, mobile optimized, streamlined

Mobile / User Friendly
Separate User Interfaces

Mobile limitations / Various user screens

IoT Use Cases covered in FIT CAT Dealer Business Solution

Nowadays, IoT usage is a must have for equipment dealers to stay ahead of the competition. With FIT-CDBS, we enable all essential IoT use cases to help dealers exploit their assets the best way possible:

  • GPS data capturing
  • Map integration
  • Real-time location visualization
  • Rental fleet area management
  • Usage hours tracking
  • Proactive maintenance 
  • Due date notifications
  • Automated over-usage calculation in cycle billing
  • Automatic adjustment of cycle billing amounts
  • Equipment-based P&L report
  • Rental lifecycle decisions based on profitability, maintenance cost
  • Unplanned failure service 
  • Faster response
  • Automated service actions
  • Automated capturing 
  • Notification of service employees, and during service business processes
Dealer Benefits
  • Improved profitability
  • Enabling seamless company & operational growth
  • Fast Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Highly satisfied employees & customer
  • One step ahead of competition
  • Reducing risk, cost of implementation
  • Full finance integration, improved financial controls
  • Company and  equipment based P&L reporting
  • Asset integration & accounting
  • Financial controls within all business operations
  • Robust financial reporting capabilities
  • Fully centralized solution based on SAP software
  • Lower TCO
  • Optimizing IT resources
  • Aligned with latest SAP technologies
  • Integration capabilities to other SAP solutions (Ariba, Hybris, Asset Intelligence Network – AIN)
  • Technology leadership
  • Out of the box integrations to CAT Inc.
  • Simplified, integrated business processes with CAT dealer specific functionalities & features
  • Best practices to optimize and streamline operations
  • End-to-end process support for Prime, Parts, Service, Rental & Leasing 
  • 360-degree customer & equipment view
  • All information in one centralized solution
  • Automated & optimized CAT business processes
  • Continuous annual releases with extended CAT Dealer specific capabilities
  • Our customers  directly influence CAT Dealer Business Solution roadmap
  • Always aligns with the latest SAP technologies and software versions
  • Cutting edge technology

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