Dealer Management System in SAP S/4HANA

Modular Dealer Management System to create the best customer experience

Preconfigured Dealer Management Software in SAP S/4HANA

FIT-DMS is a scalable end-to-end solution, fully embedded in SAP S/4HANA or ECC. Based upon industry best practices and the latest technologies, it’s the foundation for the Dealer Digital Core. Pioneered to be versatile, answering to all the equipment dealers’ needs. Components like rental, leasing or service can be added to the overall scope.

This comprehensive Dealer Business System offers:

Heavy Machinery Dealership
Agricultural Machinery Dealership
Healthcare and Medical Equipment Dealership
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Key IT Challenges of Equipment Dealerships

As an Equipment Manufacturing or dealer, having control over every little detail can be overwhelming and complex.

Within the dealer value chain there is often a lack of visibility and the ability to consolidate information well. It’s also hard to keep up with innovative industry upgrades.

Dealers find themselves thorn between multiple challenges that are mainly related to:

Challenges around streamlined processes, managing connections & embracing innovations, like IOT, Cloud and Mobility based upon industry best practices

Challenges around maintenance & upgrades of tools and dealer interfaces and sustainable specialized business & technical knowledge to keep systems up to date

Challenges around reporting of asset availability, location, utilization and P&L to create holistic view on the performance

Scope of Modular Dealer Management System




FIT-DMS enhances and expands the digital core, SAP S/4HANA with value added software and services. It helps equipment manufacturers and dealers to simplify their IT landscape and manage assets throughout the entire lifecycle.

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Benefits for Equipment Dealers

With FIT-DMS, you can boost profitability, operational efficiency & customer experience

Optimize Costs

OPEX-driven flexible cost structure driving continuous TCO efficiency

Simplify IT

Unified & intuitive end-to-end solution landscape & ecosystem

Business Continuity

State of the art, high availability ERP platform with proactive managed services

Agile Quality

State of the art, high availability ERP platform with proactive managed services

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Tailored to dealer’s business enabling rapid deployment &adoption

Continuous Innovations

Continuous digitization of business processes for growth & productivity

0 capital Investment
For latest software capabilities & infrastructure
0 seconds
For instant cloudification of traditional SAP solutions
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FIT-DMS covers dealer business needs ‘out of the box’

Small ERP + 3rd Party Solutions
All-in-One Solution

Addressing Dealer specific requirements

Core Business Processes
Partial Solution

Multiple dealer requirements are not supported

Full Business Processes Integration

Without any limitation

ERP Integrity
Lack of Business Integration

Dependency on 3rd party applications

Mature S/4HANA Foundation

Support functional, technical extensions in future

Business Expansion
Capability Borders

Limit extending & implementing new functionalities

Validated & Compliant Dealer Integrations

Out of the box, continuous updates

Dealer Integrations
Limited / Non-integrated Dealer Systems

Restricting dealer business operations

Long-term Strategical Partnership

With both SAP, FIT-Global and Dealer

Strategic Partnership
No Joint Partnership

Key players have ‘own agenda’ to serve dealers

FIT-DMS Roadmap

With Dealer & SAP influence

Solution Roadmap
No Dealer Specific Roadmap

Dealers are no strategic focusing for vendors

SAP Fiori User Interface

Browser driven, mobile optimized, streamlined

Mobile / User Friendly
Separate User Interfaces

Mobile limitations / Various user screens

Industry Credentials

FIT-DMS is a proven solution with ongoing innovation, serving multiple Equipment Dealers across the world. FIT Global leverages this experience in our solutions and implementations.

IoT Use Cases covered in Dealer Management Software

Nowadays, IoT usage is must have for equipment dealers to stay ahead of the competition. With FIT-DMS, we enable all essential IoT use cases to help dealers exploit their assets the best way possible.

  • GPS data capturing
  • Map integration
  • Real-time location visualization
  • Rental fleet area management
  • Usage hours tracking
  • Proactive maintenance planning
  • Maintenance due date notifications
  • Automated over-usage calculation in rental cycle billing
  • Automatic adjustment of rental cycle billing amounts
  • Equipment based Profit & Loss reporting
  • Rental lifecycle decisions based on profitability, maintenance cost
  • Unplanned failure, service notifications
  • Faster reaction time on service needs
  • Automated service actions
  • Automated capturing of Dealer ‘Service Letters’
  • Notification of service employees, and during service business processes
FIT Global Providing Excellence in Dynamic Equipment Management