Our Strategic Partners

We believe in co-creation

Validated SAP Application Development Partner

Collaboration is crucial to successfully serve our customers across the globe. In a world that’s getting more and more complex, we bring the brain power and the technological capabilities from our partners together.

To serve the business needs of asset-intensive companies for their own, rental & leasing equipment, FIT Global has a strategic partnership with SAP. For over two decades we enrich the digital core S/4HANA with enhanced and new industry specific functionalities. That’s how these companies become ‘Intelligent Enterprises’. 

Together with Global System Integrators like IBM and Accenture, we help companies in many industries benefit from our combined solution and service offerings. We deliver business value ‘out of the box’ through best practices and rapid deployment methodologies.

With partners like NehaN Technologies, Solutions by STC, EVC, The Bridge T2B, and DXC Technology, who provide business to business technology services, we realize global coverage to ensure solid delivery across regions.

While scaling our operations due to increased customer demand, we also collaborate with Glasshouse, Medepia, and Velena Bilişim to ensure reliability and a fast turnaround of our worldwide projects.

Our strong partner network provides direct access to the right contacts, services and solutions to accelerate our projects and dynamic customer requests. 

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