The comprehensive Service Management
Module on SAP S/4HANA

Seamlessly covering all Service Management business needs for (non-)movable assets

Enriched end-to-end Service Management in SAP S/4HANA

Service management is crucial in establishing a valuable and sustainable relationship with internal and external customers. Equipment owners, manufacturers, and dealers often struggle to achieve flawless service management, due to the complexity and multitude of processes in the entire value chain. Here strikes the need for an all-in-one solution to streamline all their Service Management needs.

FIT-Service is a core module within the overall FIT Global’s Equipment Management portfolio that offers full coverage of service management components. Processes related to work order, quotation, billing, contract, and warranty, are exhaustively included and expanded through our embedded solution in SAP S/4HANA. FIT-Service is an easy-to-use Fiori application with SAP PM capabilities moved to FIT-Service Module and enriched to enable high-end service management.

FIT-Service Capabilities

On top of SAP S/4HANA

Service Master Data

Smart capabilities to define Job Code proposal parameters

Work Order Confirmation

One Fiori App to handle work order confirmation processes, like:

  • Material Consumptions | Actual Labor Usage
Service Contract Management & Service Planning

Three Fiori Apps to handle a variety of contracts

  • Standard service contracts
  • CVA Type service contracts
  • MARC Type service contracts (on the roadmap)
Service Work Order & Quotation

Two Fiori Apps to handle complete service work order & quotation processes like:

  • Equipment selection (by customer, by serial number, etc.)
  • Service Pricing (header & item level)
  • Warranty Check
  • Segments & Standard Jobs Handling
  • Parts – Availability Check
  • Labor – Availability Check
  • Credit Management
  • Credit Check
  • Quotation Status Management
Service Billing Process

Important Fiori extensions and templated document types to handle cycle and final billing functions

Warranty Claims

One Fiori App and extensions to handle customer warranty claims and goodwill processes like:

  • Warranty claim
  • Goodwill creation
  • Settlement process

Service Management Process Overview

Benefits for Equipment Owners, Manufacturers and Dealers

FIT-Service provides analytical capabilities with templated KPI reports and extended integrations with Equipment Sales & Parts Management. All Service Master Data are included for a full view of business-critical data.

This end-to-end solution supports all processes related to work order and quotation. It offers extended capabilities while defining maintenance, and simplifies service operations with a Job Code/Component code. The population of service documents is automated for a simplified product proposal logic.

Contracts may vary by customer, asset and even by usage type (sale, rent or lease). That’s why FIT-Service covers tailored processes to answer every specific business need. Additionally, contract management is made flexible by including various templated contract types such as Customer Value Agreements (CVA), Standard (SLA), and Maintenance & Repair Contract (MARC).

FIT-Service provides a solid warranty management process to handle multiple warranties definition for each equipment, and cover the claims management process end-to-end. Furthermore, the solution incorporates extensions in the Product Service Letters (PSL) and Partner Interface Processes (PIP).

In the value chain of service management, it’s beneficial and sometimes even a prerequisite to rely on validated & compliant OEM interfaces. For example, FIT Global created for CAT Dealers preconfigured integrations with CAT Inc. to respond to their service management needs and business scope.

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