Asset Sustainability by FIT Global

With FIT-EM you unlock dynamic asset insights to increase asset sustainability

FIT Global closes the information gap to Asset Sustainability

Companies across the globe want to contribute to initiatives like the Net Zero Emission by 2050 Scenario. They only struggle to make the right decisions to improve asset sustainability. Why? They lack the right asset insights, or have a hard time to bring these together to draw the right conclusions – like executing preventative maintenance – and act swiftly according to the business needs. The right technology can fill this crucial information gap to ensure measurable progress around asset sustainability.With FIT-EM, asset-intensive companies will increase their asset sustainability by unlocking dynamic asset insights to:

What are Dynamic Asset Insights?

Asset specific business processes, integrations and functionalities combined with IoT capabilities are the prerequisites for gathering dynamic asset insights. These insights, one of the business benefits from using FIT-EM, are being characterized by four main dimensions:

Real time data

By using sensors to track & trace location, status, usage, emissions

Contextual data

By bringing asset data into business processes like service to repair

Enriched data

By combining historical asset insights with present asset information ​

Actionable data

By triggering activities, like service requests or automated work orders

The value of SAP plus FIT Global

SAP embedded sustainability as a new dimension of success into analytical and transactional applications to enable the Intelligent Enterprise to minimize CO2 emissions. This happens across entire value chains and from the cradle to the gate. SAP S/4HANA provides the foundational information, the dynamic core with asset master data. 

FIT Global enriches and extends this core with industry and process specific data insights for asset/equipment management. Whether companies own the asset, or act as lessor, we bring value by:


Collecting asset specific data meet current and anticipated regulatory compliance needs

Embedding sustainability metrics drive sustainable process value chains and holistic business steering

Gaining actionable insights differentiate assets and services based on sustainable processes

Increasing visibility and control

...of asset flows and usage, carbon emissions, and all aspects of your business operations

Unlocking efficiency and productivity

...with built-in industry capabilities, intelligent automation, and advanced analytics

Automating asset usage processes optimize sustainable growth and innovation

Sustainability Business Cases

By being able to track & trace emissions of assets in real time combined within the context of asset specific business processes, you can drive decisions to reduce emissions based upon intelligent data.

By combining real time data from assets, like location, utilization and service, with historical maintenance data, FIT-EM will trigger maintenance activities before issues arise. This will extend the lifecycle of any asset and reduce related CO2 emissions while improving the efficiency of logistical movements.

By being able to send pro-active alerts, due to the availability of real time, contextual data from your assets, you can take safety actions in time. With embedded AI, operators could also check asset manuals and tutorials to ensure all safety measures are taken into account when using the assets.

How to boost your Asset Sustainability Journey?

Before turning dynamic asset insights into actions, FIT Global advices the following steps:

Why should you rethink the way you manage your assets? Simply because of the population growth challenges, the economic upheaval and the climate change fight. Choosing a sustainable asset management approach is the right call. Do you relate? Read more about how you can manage your assets more sustainably. 

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