The All-inclusive Parts Management
Solution in SAP S/4HANA

Effectively extending the lifecycle of assets for Dealers
and Equipment Manufacturers

The Comprehensive Parts Management Solution on top of SAP MM

With solid parts management, dealers and equipment manufacturers can significantly extend the lifecycle of their assets. But what if you lack a 360-degree insight in your stock, pricing and demand? Only with an all-in-one solution you can streamline all related processes. It offers more control and efficiency for all parts management stages and scenarios.

FIT-Parts enables companies to effortlessly find a balance between parts availability, solid pricing and low inventories. It is a holistic solution that ensures a smooth interchangeability between sales, purchase and service. Moreover, with remanufacturing functionalities you can enhance your asset sustainability. FIT-Parts is a core module in the FIT-EM solution from FIT Global.

Dynamic Business Needs of Parts Management

Process efficiencies


Warranty management

Data quality & accessibility

Stock balance & replenishment

Demand & Inventory Sync

Sales & Purch. coordination

Demand predictions

360° Finance reporting

Remanufacturing process

Parts Management Process Overview

Benefits for Dealers & Equipment Manufacturers

FIT-Parts enables different pricing scenarios and helps to designate various prices for parts. The ‘Dealer Net Price’ is specified through OEM integration and automatically updated
in the system.

The planification option of FIT-Parts helps to predict the future demand and optimizes inventory stock levels accordingly.

FIT-Parts helps to minimizing the accumulation of surplus in the inventory to reach an optimal level of stock for every individual store. It triggers actions to distribute the excess stock to stores with shortage.

Running continuous stock calculations and monitoring the minimum and maximum stock level quantities FIT-Parts ensures sufficient stock at all times. The software also triggers automatic purchase orders.

FIT-Parts enables automatic stock replenishment according to the minimum and maximum order point.

With ‘replacement logic’, FIT-Parts creates a link between parts and their replacement, so the gap will be immediately filled if the material goes out of stock.

FIT-Parts provides reliability that any needed part is at your disposal by checking material or availability of alternative parts.

FIT-Parts offers various capabilities, such as availability check, credit check capability, financing and customer invoicing, in full alignment with SAP financial processes.

FIT-Parts uses quotations as a simulation mode for sales, with the ability to define soft check and soft reservation of the parts.

FIT-Parts can be fully integrated with any SAP CRM solution, or any other 3rd party CRM system.

FIT-Parts offers specific features for remanufacturing and refurbishment of assets/parts, for the Heavy Equipment Industry. For example: it covers all related logistics activities, a recording of the costs of refurbished materials and tracks the profit gained from the resale.

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