FIT Global and Accenture
drive Leasing Transformation for SAP customers

Partnership with the Specialty Finance Center of Excellence ensures preconfigured end-to-end leasing solution, system integration and outsourcing capabilities

Oosterhout, NL – Mt. Prospect, Illinois, US | December 2022

FIT Global announces a new partnership with Accenture to boost the end-to-end Equipment Leasing Management solution for SAP customers. FIT-Lease, the preconfigured and certified SAP industry solution, is fully embedded in SAP S/4HANA. Accenture’s Finance Center of Excellence, with 500+ resources operating core leasing platforms, offers transformation services for better business outcomes.

Full coverage Lease-Out capabilities for SAP
Running lease management processes, requests extensive capabilities for topics like lease quotation and contract processes, amendments, lease configuration, (de)install, lease kit (packages) handling, fixed asset integration, and  fleet management.

Since SAP S/4HANA does not cover these functionalities, FIT Global enriched and expanded SAP’s digital core. Recep Bakirci, CEO of FIT Global: “By collaborating with Accenture, we infuse solution and business innovation in equipment leasing and provide full control throughout the asset lifecycle.”

Specialty Finance Practice
Accenture’s practice collaborates with bank-owned and manufacturers’ captives equipment & auto finance and rental firms across the globe. Clients drive their transformation agenda by combining CMS modernization, digitization, automation and outsourcing. They expect both functional and technical expertise coupled with attractive commercial conditions to modernize their platform.

Clients can also benefit from Accenture’s post-implementation application and infrastructure managed services and BPO services to support their new CMS platforms.

About FIT Global
FIT Global is a dedicated SAP Development Partner for customer-centric and industry-specific solutions for over two decades. With our SAP certified end-to-end solutions for equipment management, leasing, rental and dealer management, we help customers around the world to manage their dynamic market and customer needs. That’s how they increase availability and uptime, optimize pricing, boost sustainability and raise profitability over the circular lifecycle of their equipment. Our industry knowledge, smart technology, and close collaboration with SAP ensures acceleration from the start. For more information, visit

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