Doka selects FIT-EM, the leading equipment lifecycle management software in SAP S/4HANA

[Oosterhout (Netherlands), 4 July 2024] – FIT Global, a leading provider of dynamic equipment lifecycle management solutions embedded in SAP, is pleased to announce its latest partnership with Doka, an Austrian-based global leader in formwork and scaffolding systems. This collaboration aims to elevate Doka’s material rental and sales capabilities through the implementation of advanced SAP software solutions, enhancing operational efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

Transforming Equipment and Material Rental Management
Recognizing the crucial need for efficient rental equipment management in the construction industry, FIT Global and Doka have joined forces to implement industry-specific equipment and rental management software tailored for formwork and scaffolding systems. FIT Global’s software offers features such as real-time inventory tracking, automated billing, and advanced analytics, which will be integrated into Doka’s existing infrastructure to streamline operations and provide a seamless experience for Doka’s clients worldwide.

FIT-EM: A Comprehensive Solution for complete Equipment Lifecycle Management
The implementation of FIT-EM will significantly improve Doka’s management of rental and return processes, allow for availability checks on multiple sites, and increase material utilization rates. As a SAP-certified industry solution partner, FIT Global brings extensive experience in equipment and rental management. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Doka to help them achieve their equipment management goals,” said Recep Bakirci, CEO of FIT Global. “Our modular solutions are designed to provide the highest level of customer and operator experience.”

FIT-EM, will also yield significant business benefits for Doka, including reductions in scrap costs, increased real-time visibility, and cost efficiencies in service costs and stock replenishment. Axel Wieland, CIO of Doka, stated: “We are very excited and look forward to this project with FIT Global. This partnership will enhance our operational capabilities and set new standards in rental management efficiency and service delivery.”

A Commitment to Excellence
The partnership between FIT Global and Doka signifies a shared commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions in the construction sector. To create a sustainable IT landscape, the number of apps need to be minimized and the way of working should be standardized. By co-designing the architecture new opportunities will be unlocked and ensure exceptional value to the construction industry.

FIT Global
FIT Global is a dedicated SAP Development Partner for customer-centric and industry-specific
solutions for over two decades. With it’s SAP certified end-to-end solutions for equipment
management, leasing and rental companies, FIT Global helps customers around the world to manage their
dynamic market and customer needs. That’s how it increases availability and uptime, optimizes
pricing, boosts sustainability and raises profitability over the circular lifecycle of their equipment. FIT Global’s
industry knowledge, smart technology and close collaboration with SAP ensures acceleration from
the start.

About Doka
Doka is a world leader in providing innovative formwork, solutions and services in all areas of construction. The company is also a global supplier of well-thought-out scaffolding solutions for a varied spectrum of applications. With more than 180 sales and logistics facilities in 58 countries, Doka has a high-performing distribution network for advice, customer service and technical support on the spot and ensures that equipment is swiftly provided – no matter how big and complex the project. Doka employs 9,000 people worldwide and is a company of the Umdasch Group, which has stood for reliability, experience and trustworthiness for more than 150 years.