FIT Global and IBM accelerate Rental, Leasing and Dealer Management for SAP customers

New partnership streamlines end-to-end processes with preconfigured industry solutions, predefined
process models and best practices

Oosterhout, NL – Mt. Prospect, Illinois, US | July 2022

FIT Global announces a new partnership with IBM to deliver preconfigured SAP industry solutions for dynamic equipment management for asset-intensive companies. The end-to-end certified SAP solutions for Equipment Management, Rental/Leasing ERP and Dealer Management from FIT Global are fully embedded in SAP S/4HANA. Combined with IBM’s IMPACT Solution, SAP customers will benefit from SAP Best Practices, enhanced IBM Best Practices enriched with industry insights.

Equipment Management in Control

For many asset-intensive companies their landscape of applications has become too divers to perform complex day-to-day operations for movable assets well. Throughout the value chain, solid integrations are needed with sale & procure of equipment, parts, services, warranties, rental, leasing and OEM.

With complex processes and critical precision, equipment management can be challenging. Recep Bakirci, CEO of FIT Global: “Whether you own, sell, rent or lease movable assets, perfect integration of processes and real-time insights are key for success. Our strategic partnership with IBM helps to gain full control over the lifecycle of your equipment to boost profitability, sustainability and customer experience.”

IBMs IMPACT Solution

To create immediate benefits for SAP customers, IBMs IMPACT solution covers three layers to drive customer success:

  • Level 1: Pre-configured Industry Solutions

Launches from day one the program with a working, live SAP S/4HANA solution based on SAP Best Practice, enhanced IBM Best Practices and enriched with industry insights

  • Level 2: Process Documentation and Modelling

Reduces the inherent lag between process validation and design with an integrated Business Process Hierarchy and Pre-defined Process Models and Process Definition Documents (PDD)

  • Level 3: Auxiliary Assets Accelerating Delivery

Accelerates the full duration of your program with pre-built assets loaded into the toolsets themselves, allowing to shift the mindset from ‘creating’ to ‘editing existing’

With the ‘Rapid Discovery Roadmap’ from FIT Global and IBM, customers can take the first step on their digital transformation journey to streamline their equipment management processes.

About FIT Global

FIT Global is a dedicated SAP Development Partner for customer-centric and industry-specific solutions for over two decades. With our SAP certified end-to-end solutions for equipment management, leasing, rental and dealer management, we help customers around the world to manage their dynamic market and customer needs. That’s how they increase availability and uptime, optimize pricing, boost sustainability and raise profitability over the circular lifecycle of their equipment. Our industry knowledge, smart technology, and close collaboration with SAP ensures acceleration from the start. For more information, visit

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