Is Choosing a Rental Solution that Critical?

Many rental companies are benefiting from today’s data-driven innovative rental solutions to support and facilitate their rental processes. By doing so, they reduce their costs and time, boost their profitability, and most importantly achieve sustainable competitive advantage. On the contrary, needless to touch on traditional manual processes, some rental companies using rental solutions are still engaging in processes that hinder their potential growth. The reason behind this is the underestimation of the complexity of rental.


3 Key Factors When Choosing a Rental Solution


  1. Complexity of Rental

Rental companies using SAP realize that SAP does not support rental specific requirements such as centralized equipment management, equipment availability and status overview, rental specific pricing, RPO-rental purchase option, SWAP-equipment change process, rental kit/package handling, equipment fleet management, equipment check-out, check-in processes including inspection, management, rental specific reports, rental specific quotation and contracting processes and many more. Rental companies must first identify these “gaps”. Then, these must be planned, designed, developed, tested, and fine-tuned which is time-consuming and risky. Also, requires very specific knowledge compared to opting for a mature end-to-end ready-to-use solution such as FIT-Rent.


  1. Customer Specific Requirements

With FIT-Rent, rental companies can expect not only extended functionalities of standard SAP but also streamlined and facilitated rental processes and integrations. Furthermore, FIT-Rent takes into consideration customers’ specific requirements and rental market trends by delivering annual new releases and updates with key enhancements and better solution capabilities. On the contrary, the use of third-party solutions comes with the challenge of interface and continuously maintaining the integration especially when new gaps are developing.

Rental companies using decentralized rental solutions lack full visibility on different processes. Furthermore, they are constantly in need of integration with specific ERP requirements, existing platforms, and third-party solutions which is at times if not impossible, difficult, time-consuming, and costly. The use of non-flexible solutions that don’t meet customer’s specific requirements is another burden.


  1. User Experience

The use of rental solutions with poor user experience complicates the processes and leaves the customer frustrated. On the other hand, all key rental features can be initiated easily via the Fiori user interface. Thus, FIT-Rent uses Fiori to easily conduct processes. With shorter training and adoption time, rental processes are executed faster, and the user experiences are positive compared to regular SAP GUI screen users while these are as well.


Rental companies need an end-to-end rental solution fully embedded in SAP ECC/CRM and S4/HANA. As an SAP solution development and management partner, FIT Global is fully aligned with SAP roadmap, innovations, and latest trends: Internet of Things (IoT), Asset Intelligence, Network (AIN), Mobility (Fiori), Manufacturer integrations (Interfacing) to name few which makes the value added to the rental and dynamic equipment management industries by FIT-Rent, FIT Global’s mature rental solution, undeniable.


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