Facilitating Rental with SAP S/4HANA FIT-Rent, and Fiori User Interface

  1. streamline Rental processes

FIT-Rent, FIT Global developed Rental Management Solution is fully centralized, embedded in SAP ECC/CRM, and S/4HANA. Utilizing all benefits of having all rental, and rental related processes available within one sole solution, big attention was given to maximize user experience, and usability through SAP`s Fiori user interface.

To access Fit-Rent Fiori was never so easy. You just need a browser driven device like laptop, tablet, or mobile, role based user and permission setup, and you are ready to go where ever you are. Key Fiori Apps are mobile optimized, so all rental, customer interaction capabilities are enabled, accessible if you are on field, interacting with customer or you would like to initiate certain business processes like rental quotation, rental contract creation.

Additional important factor is that all of the rental processes are streamlined, optimized to guide the user through certain steps, and limit the information to the specific role related necessary level, not to overflow the user with much, overwhelming information, what enables better productivity, very quick user adaption, and user satisfaction, and limits the risk of any failure during system usage.

For further information visit our website www.fit-rent.com

  1. Key advantages of using Fiori

            At the end of the day, you will have gains thanks to FIT-Rent working with Fiori interface. Here are some of them:

  • Easy to access
  • Mobility driven
  • Role-based
  • Increases productivity
  • Streamlined, controlled processes
  • Quick user adaption
  1. Continuous FIT-Rent product development, and innovation

FIT-Rent is part of FIT`s EM – Equipment Management solution portfolio. EM solution supports EM companies beyond Rental at other business lines like equipment, parts, service, OEM integrations as well.

We are committed to delivering annual new solution releases that is driven by our customers, to enable to benefit continuously from our equipment management and rental solution considering the demand of our customers, market, and latest technology directions.