Did you notice this change in the World?

Did you notice this change in the World?

More and more people (and companies) strive to have equipment ‘available’ instead of ‘own’ the equipment. And for good reasons: always the latest model, no space required when the equipment is not used, no maintenance, no insurance, no entry on your assets,  etc.

As a result, equipment rental companies are booming.

And this is not only valid for heavy equipment. The world is changing rapidly:

  •     Do you still buy CD’s or are you using Spotify or YouTube Music for your favorite music instead?
  •     Are you still buying DVD’s or are you watching Netflix (or similar movie services)?
  •       Do you still own a car for eventualities or do you make use Greenwheels?

Availability is key! And consequently RENTAL IS BOOMING!

In the Equipment Rental business, two aspects are real differentiators: Price and service.

Availability during the rental period is key. So ‘service’ is a differentiator for an equipment rental company. Are you flexible and able to replace your rented equipment quickly,  if necessary? Do you have a good service ‘track record’ in the field? Is there a ‘planned maintenance schedule’ for the equipment that you rent?

Hopefully, you are an expert in service.

But is your information system able to support you in this service execution? Is your spare-parts management right? Too many spare-parts cost you a lot of money, but too few spare-parts even more.

FIT Global developed, under the strict guidance of SAP, a rental solution for SAP using companies: FIT-Rent Rental Solution. It is a unique solution, embedded in SAP and covering all end-to-end rental processes. FIT-Rent is available for ECC and S4 as per today.

We have developed the FIT-Parts -Spare-parts Management Solution to optimize your spare parts management so you can save a lot of money on your spare-parts stock.

We have developed our FIT-Service Service Solution in order to maintain your rental fleet in a structured way.

So, if you are in the Equipment Rental Business and you are using SAP already in your organization and you are looking for a full-scope, fit-for-purpose equipment rental solution, you might be interested in our Dealer Management Solution including, FIT-Rent, FIT-Service, and FIT-Parts Solutions. Feel free to contact us for more information,  download our white papers, and/or request a demo.