Benefits of GPS trackers in the HEM industry

GPS tracking is HOT. Because ‘data’ is the new ‘gold’. Or, to express it in different words: ‘To Measure is to know”. GPS (Global Positioning System) is part of IoT (Internet of Things).

In transportation, but increasingly also in the HEM industry, ‘position tracking’ becomes more and more commodity. Heavy equipment Companies often start with implementing tracking devices to avoid theft. A smart idea, isn’t it. And the GPS devices are not that expensive. These valuable machines are often abandoned in the night and in weekends on remote locations where a street name and/or postal code make no sense.

But imagine what a possibilities are coming within reach, when you have an ‘intelligent’ device on your equipment. Here are some possibilities of data you can extract from the equipment:

· Knowing the exact location of a machine real-time) makes the service engineer more efficient. He knows exactly where to go to deliver his service;

· Information about fuel consumption opens new possibilities;

· And what about ‘usage hours’. If the equipment is rented for ‘working days only’ and it is operated outside these hours? Interesting and valuable information?

· If the equipment is overcharged?

· Are the nozzles of my sprayer reaching outside my property? Shut them off!

· ‘Error codes’ from the machine? Real-time! It creates multiple opportunities to improve your service and distinguish you from your competitors.

That is all ‘retrieving from the equipment’ – one-way traffic.

But there is more!

Sharing data with you equipment brings unlimited opportunities.

· Share with your equipment where the obstacles on the ‘working site’ are. You have to provide the location of the obstacles once, and that’s it!

· Once you have insight in the status of the ‘working site’ , you can give the equipment ‘instruction’ what work has to be done. How convenient is that!

· Unmanned machines, doing the work for you, are coming close (but the legal possibilities in many countries do not always allow that)

This technology is really amazing. “If you can imagine it, you can make it!’.

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