Is Choosing a Rental Solution that Critical?

Is Choosing a Rental Solution that Critical? Many rental companies are benefiting from today’s data-driven innovative rental solutions to support and facilitate their rental processes. By doing so, they reduce their costs and time, boost their profitability, and most importantly achieve sustainable competitive advantage. On the contrary, needless to touch on traditional manual processes, some […]

Why Should Companies Switch to Cloud Computing?

As technologies and the Internet continue to change our world, businesses and business models continue to be reshaped and made easier by the latest technologies such as cloud computing. While the Internet ‘Cloud’ has been around since the 1960s, the term cloud computing was for the first time used by an executive in a Google […]

Why Do Equipment Intensive Companies Need New Technologies?

Especially in capital-intensive sectors, equipment inventory is highly essential to conduct operations and they represent critical assets for that company. Therefore, a significant amount of capital investment is required to build and operate the critical equipment. Examples of equipment-intensive companies can be found in the automotive, oil and gas upstream and downstream (e.g production, refinery, and […]

Facilitating Rental with SAP S/4HANA FIT-Rent, and Fiori User Interface

Fiori to drive, streamline Rental processes FIT-Rent, FIT Global developed Rental Management Solution is fully centralized, embedded in SAP ECC/CRM, and S/4HANA. Utilizing all benefits of having all rental, and rental related processes available within one sole solution, big attention was given to maximize user experience, and usability through SAP`s Fiori user interface. To access […]

Benefits of GPS trackers in the HEM industry

GPS tracking is HOT. Because ‘data’ is the new ‘gold’. Or, to express it in different words: ‘To Measure is to know”. GPS (Global Positioning System) is part of IoT (Internet of Things). In transportation, but increasingly also in the HEM industry, ‘position tracking’ becomes more and more commodity. Heavy equipment Companies often start with […]

Sustainability in Rental Business

As entrepreneurs, we all have responsibility for our business (revenue, profit, strategy) including our employees e.g. by taking into account the (local) safety rules. But we are also responsible for our environmental impact. We more-and-more realize that we have to leave a better world behind to our children. What ‘harm’ do we cause to the […]

Importance of Digital Transformation for Equipment Management Industry

Importance of Digital Transformation for Equipment Management Industry Technology is pushing our industry forward every day with the invention of new platforms, systems, and software. Developments in technology are the driving force behind the progress of every industry, while organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve their efficiency, productivity, and visibility. Companies strive to […]

Importance of Equipment Management and Rental

Technology, ERP solution trends Equipment Management, and Rental companies, operations run and manage complex businesses, and business processes. Independently if you are doing Equipment (Sale, Purchase), Service, Parts, or Rental you demand a lot of key customers, history, equipment, financial, and other information to serve customers effectively. Additionally there is a very tight relation, integration […]

Remote Working During Corona Crisis: 4 Best Practices

The coronavirus/COVID-19 has caught us all by surprise: all of a sudden, working remotely has become the norm instead of the exception. Understandably, the lack of a solid governance framework and learning curve – remember that luxury? – can cause confusion. In these trying times, the new reality forces the FIT Global team to cope […]

Importance of Equipment (Dealer) Management Business Software

In the Industry, 4.0 times equipment management companies have new requirements and challenges and are looking for E2E industry-specific ERP solutions to manage the challenges and fulfill the requirement. In this blog, we will elaborate on these topics. Equipment Management Companies’ Requirements The key requirements of equipment (dealer) management companies can be summarized as follows: […]