Unlock Seamless Leasing Management in SAP S/4HANA with FIT-Lease

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In the dynamic market of leasing management, a strategic solution that provides a holistic view and full control of your fleet of equipment and materials which you lease-out, is essential. FIT-Lease, the Leasing Management solution from FIT-Global, does just that. It is however important to understand that, in addition to FIT-Lease, there are different leasing […]

7 Signs That Your Business Needs ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) Solutions

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#1: Inefficient Data Management Inefficient data management may hinder planning and overall productivity. An ERP system can transform unstructured data into organized and accessible information, resulting in more effective business operations. #2: Lack of Centralized Processes Without centralized processes, businesses may face inconsistencies and bottlenecks. Implementing an ERP system creates an interconnected framework that improves […]

5 Equipment Rental Industry Challenges and How to Solve Them

Although the rental market can be a very profitable industry, it can also be quite demanding and complex. Rental equipment companies confront a variety of tough challenges that can seriously disrupt their operations and profitability. Here is a list of some of these: 1. Management of complex rental processes 2. High and rising costs3. The competitive […]

6 Things to Look for When Choosing Equipment Rental Software

Gone are the days when rental businesses were run via spreadsheets with just a few team members. With today’s vast array of rental industry solutions, it seems impossible that we used to do business this way! The rental management industry offers various  Rental ERP solutions that promise efficiency, clarity and insights to your business. Moving […]

Valuing your Equipment with the FIT-Revalue App

When it comes to your business’s equipment, it’s important to know what you have and what it’s worth. This information is crucial to make timely choices in maintaining your equipment, understanding the value of your assets, and making well-informed business decisions. Keeping up to date with the data is especially crucial in an equipment rental […]

How To Manage Your Assets More Sustainably

Population changes, economic upheaval, and (of course) climate change mean we have to rethink the way we manage our assets. Asset managers need to ensure they have the right tools to make the right decisions. They also need the rest of the company to support their strategies. The good news is that taking a more […]

Is Choosing a Rental Solution that Critical?

Many rental companies are benefiting from today’s data-driven innovative rental solutions to support and facilitate their rental processes. By doing so, they reduce their costs and time, boost their profitability, and most importantly achieve sustainable competitive advantage. On the contrary, needless to touch on traditional manual processes, some rental companies using rental solutions are still […]

Why Should Companies Switch to Cloud Computing?

As technologies and the Internet continue to change our world, businesses and business models continue to be reshaped and made easier by the latest technologies such as cloud computing. While the Internet ‘Cloud’ has been around since the 1960s, the term cloud computing was for the first time used by an executive in a Google […]

Why Do Equipment Intensive Companies Need New Technologies?

Especially in capital-intensive sectors, equipment inventory is highly essential to conduct operations and they represent critical assets for that company. Therefore, a significant amount of capital investment is required to build and operate the critical equipment. Examples of equipment-intensive companies can be found in the automotive, oil and gas upstream and downstream (e.g production, refinery, and […]