Webinar Series - IBM x FIT Global x SAP - Episode 2

Manufacturing 4.0: From asset data to decisions

Leading manufacturers are leveraging Industry 4.0 technologies, such as AI, IoT, and automation, to uncover new asset data insights. With the infusion of digital technologies in facilities and operations, manufacturers are redefining possibilities for resource and production process efficiency, asset utilization, labor productivity, quality enhancement, time to market reduction, and service value-add. But is your IT landscape ready to unlock valuable data from your assets in real-time?


Smart manufacturing, which is driven by the analysis of data generated by advanced sensors, software, and robotics, can lead to improved decision making. Heightened visibility and insights are generated from the combination of production data and operational data within an organization and across ecosystem partners.

SAP, IBM and FIT Global are being recognized as thought leaders in their domains. Together they create the IMPACT needed to ‘refine’ your asset management activities by embedding real-time asset insights. They offer award-winning platforms that are built on new technologies including artificial intelligence, hybrid cloud and mobile capabilities to accelerate recovery and succeed in a post-COVID world.

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IBM, SAP, and FIT Global