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July 27,2021

Micheal Ramsey

FIT Global

With complex processes and critical precision, asset management can be challenging. However, using the right equipment management solution enables equipment companies to run efficient and profitable operations with the best product delivery and customer satisfaction. If you lack expertise in equipment management or if your equipment strategy is not on point, you risk unnecessary maintenance and repair costs, low equipment utilization rates especially if equipment availability data is not well processed, and even sudden break-downs that can disrupt your business and make your customers unhappy. By using the latest equipment technologies including industry 4.0, IoT, cloud, and more, you can increase your assets lifecycles and utilization rates, and boost equipment productivity.

Micheal Ramsey, VP of Global Sales at FIT Global, with more than 20 years of expertise within SAP and Oracle, helped companies in their smooth transition to the latest technologies in Equipment Management Industry. In this webinar, Micheal Ramsey provides an overview of FIT-EM, FIT Global’s equipment management solution. Included will be a short demo of different EM processes: Sales & Procurement, Parts, Service, Rental, and Leasing.

From the webinar you will:

  • Understand Equipment Management processes.
  • Learn how FIT-EM Solution can help you boost Profitability,
  • See Utilization Rates, Equipment Availability, Sustainability, Customer Experience, Asset Connectivity, and Order Accuracy.
  • Comprehend benefits and features of FIT-EM solution.

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