Equipment rental, also called plant hire in some countries, is a service industry providing machinery, equipment and tools of all kinds and sizes (from earthmoving to powered access, power generation to hand-held tools etc.) for a limited period of time to customers, mainly to construction contractors but also to the industry and to individual consumers.

Different technologies require different market strategies, e.g. mobile technologies demand a faster time to market. To overcome these and other challenges, Equipment Management Companies require a fully integrated business management solution that can be easily deployed across a partner network. SAP and FIT Global deliver these solutions within SAP for Equipment Dealers.
Statistics state that up to 70% of IT projects run late, are over-budgeted or do not meet the planned objectives. This situation occurs among organizations of every size and geography. Consequently, implementation risk is a critical factor for all participants in the enterprise software ecosystem—including customers, vendors and system integrators.

Responding to these concerns, we have created packaged solutions to reduce risk, increase transparency and align stakeholders around specific implementation outcomes.

Our Solutions for your business;

  • EM Template Solution
  • EM Specific Service Solution
  • EM Specific Parts Solution
  • EM Specific Sales Solution
  • EM Specific Second hand / Used Equipment Solution
  • SAP CRM Services
  • EM Specific Business Consultancy

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Maarten Klein Haneveld