To efficiently grow the business, CAT dealers are in need of an integrated business solution that supports their long-term business priorities feeding their organizational processes end-to-end. A new centralized technology and solution platform is key to help CAT dealers keep their agility. FIT has developed a solution tailored for this challenge. The CAT Dealer Management Solution fully supports this demand, building on the latest SAP S4/HANA and FIORI technology. The solution addresses key business areas of Prime-Equipment/Power, Parts, Service, CAT interfaces, and optionally Rental (Fit-Rent). The CAT Dealer Management Solution provides one centralized, fully SAP-based solution to maximize value, efficiency, business advantage for CAT dealers. Besides, it enables a long-term business extension and scalability according to market, and customer demands, where processes are fully aligned, integrated with CAT HQ due out of the box FIT CAT Dealer Management Solution interfaces towards CAT HQ.


Our Global Implementation Partner DXC Technology has global coverage in 45 countries, and 15.000 employees with core team and industry knowledge in heavy equipment management. The unique partnership and know-how of FIT, DXC, and the FIT CAT Dealer Management Solution ensure maximized value and benefit for all CAT Dealers worldwide.


FIT’s CAT Dealer Management Solution is an accelerator to implementations since it delivers CAT dealer specific pre-configurations and best practices. Therefore, implementation time, cost, and risk can be radically reduced and optimized.

You can download the CAT Dealer Management Solution Whitepaper here