More and more people (and companies) strive to have equipment ‘available’ instead of ‘own’ the equipment.

And for good reasons: always the latest model, no space required when the equipment is not used, no maintenance, no insurance etc. As a result, equipment rental companies are booming.

And this is not only valid for heavy equipment: Do you still buy CD’s or are you using Spotify or YouTube Music instead?

Are you still buying DVD’s or are you watching Netflix (or similar movie services)? Do you still own a car for eventualities or do you make use Greenwheels? Availability is key!

But also the availability during rental period is key. So ‘service’ is a differentiator for a rental company. Are they flexible and quick to replace your equipment if necessary? Do the have a good service ‘track record’ in the field? Is there a ‘planned maintenance schedule’ for the equipment that you rent?